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What is Alternative Financing? Is it right for my business?

Alternative financing was created to meet the underserved capital markets from traditional financing. Many businesses can’t or don’t want to go through the lengthy process of obtaining traditional financing. They need an infusion of capital for marketing/advertising, inventory purchase, staff hiring, renovations or just working capital and alternative financing is the answer. While there are many forms of alternative financing, they all typically get paid back within 24 months. This allows the business to get have availability to obtain additional funds for other projects. Here are some of the reasons why alternative financing is the way to go:

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High Approval Rates

Fast Process

Easy Application

Automatic Repayment

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Funding Experience

We at Cashbloom believe the funding process shouldn’t be a process at all, it should be a pleasant experience. We call it the funding experience for that very reason. The funding experience takes a few days from start to finish and can be visualized below:

Upon submission, our bloomscore® technology evaluates the file underwriting will review the account and issue a conditional approval with customized options. Once an option is selected, the agreement will be e-mailed or faxed to the client. After the executed agreement is received, Cashbloom will perform final verifications and issue the final approval. Subsequently, one of our funding coordinators will set up the preferred payback platform for the merchant. After this the wire goes to the clients operating account and the automatic daily payments start the following day.

In order to ensure your funding happens in a timely manner please pay attention to the following points:


  1. Complete Submission: Upload or e-mail the complete list of required documentation on the checklist.
  2. Requests from Underwriting: If underwriting makes any requests make sure to provide these as soon as possible.
  3. Being Accessible: Provide your best contact number so that we can call you when we need you during each step of process and call us back in a timely manner.

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